Guest Info

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for everyone in attendance throughout the event at the times indicated in the schedule.

Throughout the Yale campus, and in some parts of the city, you will have access to a free internet server. It is called 'Yale Guest'. Simply select this from your wifi options and follow the instructions.

For the most part, the Yale Libraries are accessible without an access card (or at least, large parts of the libraries are accessible). If you need somewhere to sit and work, or you just want to wander around some of the exhibitions, you are encouraged to do so. Information about the Yale libraries, including their opening hours and locations, are available here: 

Most guests will be arriving by train to Union Station. From the station, you can either get a taxi from the taxi rank in front of the station or else a free bus. There are two free bus services from the station. One is the public bus into the town center, and the other is the Yale Shuttle blue line. 

While all of the conference venues are within walking distance of each other, if you are in the city for any time before or after the conference, you might find it useful to acquaint yourself with the free Yale Shuttle routes. They can be found here, along with access to a real-time map of where the individual buses are in the city:

While for the most part, New Haven is a safe and tranquil city, as anywhere, it is a good idea not to walk around alone after dark in areas with which you are unfamiliar. If you are catching a late train, you are advised to take either a taxi or a bus to the station.

There is quite a lot available in the way of tourism in New Haven, including some nice art collections and museums. More information is available online, or at the tourism office which is close to the conference venue. Here is the city tourism website:

The Yale Tour might interest you. It is run by current Yale students, who provide a tour of the campus, along with their insights about school spirit and other things. The starting point is near the conference venue.